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Family Day Care Victoria
frequently asked questions

How do I know the care environment is safe?
Each service's Co-ordination Unit staff ensures, through regular visits to the educator's homes, that the environment achieves the safety standards described in the National Quality Frameworks, www.acecqa.gov.au the service's Home Safety Check. All relevant information can be found on the ACECQA website.
Who checks on the educators, and the children in care?
Each service has staff that work specifically in the field with the educators. These early childhood professionals meet the parents/guardians and child initially, make the care placement with the parent/guardian and educator, visit the educator's home, meet and play with the children in care and provide support, advice and resources to each educator.
How do I pay the educators?
The Co-ordination Unit will provide information about your childcare fees. Contact the Family Assistance office for information about Child Care Benefit. www.familyassist.gov.au
Parents/Guardians are issued a receipt when payment is made.
Who can I discuss my care placement with, outside of the Family Day Care service I use?
Contact Family Day Care Victoria's executive officer, Sally Cooper if you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect relating to your Family Day Care involvement. fdcvic@gmail.com

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